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2010 :: Little Scratch Cedar Falls
2011 :: Scratch Curbside
2011 :: Big Scratch Cedar Falls
2012 :: Scratch Waterloo
2013 :: Scratch West Des Moines
2013 :: Scratch Coralville
2014 :: Scratch Fundraising Program
2017 :: Just Dough branches out
2020 :: Just Dough closes

2021 :: New Cedar Falls location
2023 :: West Des Moines closes

Scratch was born from a love of making people smile. Since I was little, I've loved to bake for other people...I loved creating recipes and sharing my ideas and experiments with anyone who would try. Today, I still love that process, but it's WE and TEAM, not I! We love new flavors and new combinations. We love to be challenged. In all of that testing and baking, we learn about you...our customers. We learn your likes and dislikes. We learn about your lives and families and events. You've brought us into your life and allowed us to share in some of your most favorite moments. That...that's why we do this.


Scratch isn't a franchise. We're locally grown and we partner with other locally grown businesses. We employ more than 150 people aged 17-70+. We train our staff from the ground up. We aren't perfect, but we love the adventure. We learn something new every day and I'm a firm believer that when we stop learning, we'll stop growing.


While we've stopped opening storefronts, you can still find us in more than 150 cities and towns across Iowa and Illinois every summer on Scratch Curbside, and the Scratch Fundraising Program has drawn schools and organizations all over the midwest. Our shipping program began in 2011 and we added shipping to APOs in 2017. Things are constantly evolving here and you never know what we've got up our sleeves! 

Because we love making you smile...


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