How do I reach a person?

Cedar Falls :: 319-277-7855 | Waterloo :: 319-229-7065
West Des Moines :: 515-518-8962 | Coralville :: 319-359-2256


Where are you located?

6607 University Avenue in Cedar Falls (WE'VE MOVED!)
1517 Flammang Drive in Waterloo
7450 Bridgewood Blvd in West Des Moines
927 E 2nd Avenue in Coralville

What are your store hours?

Most locations are currently operating on a normal schedule, with exception for West Des Moines that remains closed on Mondays. Please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date information. 

Regular schedule is Monday - Saturday from 9am-7pm or sellout, Sundays 12pm-5pm or sellout, but again please visit our Facebook page each morning to be sure hours are correct! Holiday hours vary so please find us on Facebook for up to date information!

How much are your cupcakes?

Standard cupcakes $2.50 each. Minis $12/dozen. Vegan $3 each. Drunken $3 each. Custom orders priced per order.

How long can I store your products?

Cupcakes and cookies are best enjoyed the day they are purchased or the day after. Standard-size cupcakes can be frozen and brought to room temperature and will maintain their quality. Mini cupcakes have a much shorter shelf-life and should not be frozen. Minis can be kept at room temperature for about 24 hours. Please don't refrigerate our cupcakes or cookies, as you'll notice they dry out much faster! 


Do you sell whole cakes?

Yes! You can choose from our Scratch 9" 3-layer Loaded Cakes (pre-set flavors) or 3-layer 6" and 9" custom cakes (totally customizable!). Cakes can be pre-ordered for any occasion with a minimum of 48 hours notice (the earlier the better...some days will close for pre-orders!)! Check out the pictures on our Sweets page for design inspiration!

Our 9" Loaded Cakes are $50, 6" Custom Cakes start at $40, and 9" Custom Cakes start at $50! 

Do you sell cookies?

Yes! Cookies come in all sorts of flavors and are $2.50 each.

You can also pick up a Scratchwich...two of our big cookies loaded with flavored buttercream and rolled in all kinds of goodies! You can custom order one any day at all locations!

If you're in the mood an even bigger cookie, check out our Deep Dish Scratch Cookie Cakes! 

What is a Cookie Cake?

Our Scratch 9" deep-dish cookie cakes can be pre-ordered for any holiday time we have a few ready to go, too! Choose from a sample design on our Sweets page or let us help you be creative! Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice (remember we do close the calendar for orders regularly, so the earlier the better!) and choose from our heart or circle shapes in a variety of cookie flavors including sugar, monster, red velvet, chocolate chip, and more! Prices start at $20 for more simple designs and serve 14+ depending on serving size!

Do your products come into contact with...?

While everything is cleaned and sanitized daily, cupcakes (including buttercreams) may come into contact with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and/or nuts (including peanut butter and oils). We are not a nut-allergy-friendly environment and all of our cupcakes contain dairy! 

Do you support other local businesses?

Of course!! It's a huge goal for us to partner with local and Iowa-based businesses! Our boxes come from BRP Box Shop in Clinton, Iowa. Our maple syrup comes from Great River Maple in Garnavillo, Iowa. Our apples come from Timeless Prairie Orchard in Winthrop, Iowa. We treat our employees to local restaurants, we visit local resorts for our managers retreats...the list goes on and on!

Do you offer gluten-free and/or vegan desserts?

We have gluten free dessert slices (NOT cupcakes) in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, West Des Moines and Coralville every day! We partner with Outrageous Baking to provide truly gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, high-quality dessert slices! We believe it's important to recognize that while some people have a basic gluten intolerance, some have severe reactions! We want to be sure customers have great experience, so if we say we have a gluten-free dessert offering, you can be assured it isn't just baked with gluten-free ingredients (which just can't be labeled Gluten Free)'s baked in a truly gluten-free facility! 

We offer at least one of our awesome vegan cupcakes every day!

How many calories are in your cupcakes?

We don't have any nutritional information for our cupcakes, but if you can find a cupcake bakery that publishes any, it's likely to be quite similar!

Do you deliver?

Yes...temporarily with a cap on deliveries. Please call with as much advance notice as possible and we'll do our best! Delivery price and radius varies per store. Learn more here!

Do you offer a loyalty program?

We do! Pick up a Scratch punch card at any location - receive 1 punch for every dozen regular-priced cupcakes you purchase - buy 11, get the 12th dozen free! One freebie dozen per person per day.

How much notice do you need for an order?

Most locations are not currently accepting pre-orders, or only taking orders on a very limited basis as we work to increase our staffing numbers. The ordering deadlines below are just a guideline...our calendar does fill up and close for pre-orders, so please give us as much notice as possible! 


Again, this is just a guideline and most locations are not currently accepting pre-orders.


Cupcakes and cookies that are on our seasonal flavor calendar, call us by 2pm the day before you them! For flavors NOT on our seasonal calendar, we ask for *at least* 48 hours notice so we can ensure we have ingredients on hand. Whole cakes, cookie cakes, and all custom orders also require a minimum of 48 hours notice. Our ordering deadlines are just an indication of the latest you can place an order, not that there will be availability, so please call early!!

I'm absolutely addicted to your frosting...can I buy JUST that?

For sure! Availibility varies as our buttercreams are made daily, so if you know what you want, be sure to call ahead so we can have it ready for you! Frosting is available in 12oz containers or 2oz frosting shots!

Can I order cupcakes that aren't on your weekly rotation?

Of course! With more than 350 cupcakes at Scratch, we offer WAY more than what's on our weekly and monthly calendars!! We can make any of our cupcakes with a special order of 1 dozen standard-size or 2 dozen minis (per flavor)! Please give at least 48 hours notice for flavors not on our flavor calendar! *Note, we cannot guarantee space is available for pre-orders as some dates will close, so give as much notice as possible!!*

How do I book a large event?

A $200 non-refundable deposit will secure your booking and give you the most flexibility. You can bring your payment into the store, call in with a credit card number, etc. Just be sure your payment clearly indicates the names associated with your order. This deposit is applied towards your final event cost. If you have questions, contact us at!

Do you offer discounts?

Buy 6 dozen or more regular-priced cupcakes and they're buy 11 get 1 free!

Do you ship your cupcakes?

YES!  We ship during cool weather months! Call our Coralville location at 319-359-2256 to find out more!

How do I place an order?

Visit our flavor calendar page to determine what you'd like to order (choose from the day of pick up or delivery), then call us by 2pm the day before you need them (the earlier the better...some days will close for pre-orders!)! Easy as that! Orders not from the flavor calendar and all cake, cookie cake, or custom orders require a minimum 48 hours notice (again, the earlier the better as some dates will close). *Please note we cannot accept orders via email, text, website, or social media!*

Can I/we tour your facilities?

As much as we'd love to say yes to this, finding a competitor in our kitchen with a camera and notepad a few years back really put a damper on things! We'd love to host your meeting or event at any of our locations, but our kitchens and behind-the-scenes spaces remain employees only.

How do I open a Scratch franchise?

Scratch isn't a franchise. We're a locally-owned small business that operates in multiple cities in Iowa. We grow managers from the ground up, invest in them personally and professionally, then launch them into leadership roles! 

I run a (coffee shop, boutique grocery store, retail shop) and want to carry your cupcakes and/or cookies!

While we're not a franchise, we love our sweet partnerships and would love to work with you! Send an email with a bit of information about your shop and what you're hoping to do to and we'll get details to you right away!

What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

We'd love to talk to you! Email and we'll direct your note to the right person! Please note orders are not accepted via email - we're much more personal than that! Give us a call and we'll talk through specifics!!

Cedar Falls :: 319-277-7855
Waterloo :: 319-229-7065
West Des Moines :: 515-518-8962
Coralville :: 319-359-2256

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