We've partnered with schools and organizations all over the midwest to bring you a high-profit, unique way to raise money for your school, group, organization, or cause! Many groups have earned more than $10,000 in profit, with our highest earners profiting more than $17,000! In just one three week sale!


If you are looking for help raising money for your event (carnival, meeting, prom), trip (school trip, mission trip), donation efforts (your department is raising money for St. Jude, United Way, or the like), medical expenses (benefits), etc., your request would be considered fundraising! 

Our 2020 fundraising calendar is FULL! We are booking 2021-2025 at this time if you'd like to look further ahead...we encourage you to grab your space as quickly as possible! Fill out the form below for more information! If you can be flexible with your sale dates, fill out the form and we can see about getting you into open spots as they become available!

Please note: we do not have a one-day, cupcake re-sell, or "immediate gratification" sale option. Our fundraising program is intended for groups who want a high profit for a short 3-week sale period. Each seller receives sales brochures and order forms, and frozen product is delivered on the scheduled delivery date!! We love this program and hope you do, too!!

Apply for the Scratch Fundraising Program
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