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Thank you for participating in a Scratch Cupcakery fundraiser! You made it here because you purchased cupcakes from one of our sales groups - and they're earning big money for all sorts of things, from speech contests and uniforms to massive trips and school improvements! Your purchase goes a long way to help conquer their goal!



While everything is cleaned and sanitized daily, cupcakes (including buttercreams) may come into contact with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and/or nuts (including peanut butter and oils). We are not a nut-allergy-friendly environment and all of our fundraising cupcakes contain dairy, except of course our vegan packs, which exited our program in July of 2022!



If the cupcake pack you ordered is called Bacon Bacon, Bananarama, Best Sellers, Candy Chaos, Celebrate, Cheesecake Me, Coconut Crazy, Death by Chocolate, Fruity Faves, Mint Madness, Originals, Peanut Butter Panic, Pucker Up, Royalty, Stuffed, Vanilla Overload, Vegan, Wedded Bliss, or Wide Eyed, please click here.


If the cupcake pack you ordered is called Bliss, Childhood, Chocolate, Cookies, Decadence, Nutty, Perfection, or Sweets, please click here.

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