Thank you for participating in a Scratch Cupcakery fundraiser! You made it here because you purchased cupcakes from one of our sales groups - and they're earning big money for all sorts of things, from speech contests and uniforms to massive trips and school improvements! Your purchase earned them 40% for every 6-pack you purchased - that's HUGE and goes a long way to reach their goal!



While everything is cleaned and sanitized daily, cupcakes (including buttercreams) may come into contact with eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, and/or nuts (including peanut butter and oils). We are not a nut-allergy-friendly environment and all of our cupcakes (except vegan) contain dairy!



The pictures below represent what your cupcakes may look like upon arrival! Your cupcakes may be in a different order than those pictured; please use the note below each picture to identify your flavors and the descriptions below!


Banana Cream :: vanilla cake, banana cream filling, marshmallow banana buttercream, crushed graham crackers

Banana Split :: banana cake, walnut/chocolate/fruit loaded vanilla buttercream, chocolate/caramel drizzle, cherry

Banana Toffee :: banana toffee cake, caramel buttercream, toffee bits, crushed dried bananas

Black Bottom :: chocolate cake, chocolate chip cheesecake, homemade chocolate fudge, white chocolate drizzle

Black Forest :: chocolate cake, creamed cherry filling, vanilla buttercream

Blackout :: chocolate cake, chocolate cream filling, chocolate buttercream

Blueberry Cheesecake :: vanilla cake, blueberry filling, cheesecake buttercream

Boston Cream Pie :: vanilla cake, custard filling, chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache

Brownie Batter :: chocolate cake, brownie batter filling, chocolate brownie buttercream

Butterfinger :: chocolate cake, butterfinger buttercream

Caramel Macchiato :: caramel espresso cake, caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle, chocolate covered espresso bean 

Cherry Cheesecake :: vanilla cake, creamed cherry filling, cheesecake buttercream, cherry pie filling

Chocoholic :: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Bourbon Bacon :: chocolate bourbon cake, brown sugar buttercream, bacon, milk chocolate drizzle

Chocolate Chip :: vanilla chocolate chip cake, vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Chip Banana ::  banana chocolate chip cake, vanilla buttercream, banana chip, chocolate chips

Chocolate Covered Banana :: banana cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream, banana chips

Chocolate Doughlicious :: chocolate cake, cookie dough filling, cookie dough buttercream, chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Mint Chip :: chocolate cake, mint buttercream, chocolate chips 

Chocolate Mint Cookies :: chocolate cake, mint cookies buttercream, crushed chocolate cookies

Chocolate Mint Fudge Brownie :: chocolate cake, homemade fudge, mint brownie buttercream, crumbled brownies

Chocolate Mocha :: chocolate cake, chocolate mocha buttercream, chocolate covered coffee bean

Chocolate Strawberry Chip :: chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, strawberry buttercream, chocolate chips

Coconut Love :: vanilla coconut cake, vanilla buttercream, flaked coconut

Cookie Cheesecake :: cookies and cream cake, chocolate cheesecake, cheesecake buttercream

Crème de Mint :: mint cake, ganache, vanilla buttercream, andes mints

Doughlicious :: chocolate chip cake, cookie dough filling, cookie dough buttercream

Espresso Cookies :: espresso cake, chocolate cookies buttercream, cookie crumbles

Fluffernutter :: peanut butter cake, marshmallow buttercream, chopped peanuts

French Toast :: maple cake, cinnamon buttercream, maple brown sugar granola

German Chocolate :: chocolate cake, traditional coconut pecan frosting

Lemon Blueberry :: lemon cake, blueberry buttercream

Lemon Lime :: lemon cake, lime buttercream

Lemon Love :: lemon cake, lemon buttercream

Lemon Raspberry :: lemon cake, raspberry buttercream

Malted Milk Ball :: vanilla malt cake, chocolate malted milk buttercream, malted milk ball

Maple Bacon :: vanilla maple bacon cake, maple cinnamon buttercream, caramelized maple bacon

Monkey Business :: banana cake, peanut butter buttercream, banana chip

Oatmeal Cream Pie :: oatmeal cake, cream pie filling, vanilla oatmeal cream pie buttercream

Oh Happy Day :: vanilla sprinkle cake, vanilla buttercream, rainbow sprinkles 

Orangesicle :: orange cake, vanilla buttercream

PB&J :: vanilla cake, strawberry filling, peanut butter buttercream, strawberry jelly

Peanut Butter Cup :: chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream

Pieces :: peanut butter cake, chocolate peanut butter swirl buttercream

Prince :: blue vanilla cake, blue vanilla buttercream

Princess :: pink vanilla cake, pink vanilla buttercream

Raspberry Almond :: almond cream cake, raspberry filling, almond buttercream, raspberry drizzle

Raspberry Love :: vanilla cake, raspberry buttercream

Razzle Dazzle :: chocolate cake, raspberry buttercream

Red Velvet :: southern red velvet cake, vanilla buttercream

Salted Nut Roll :: vanilla cake, vanilla cream filling, salted caramel buttercream, peanuts

Salty Dog :: vanilla cake, peanut butter buttercream, salted peanuts

Samoa :: chocolate cake, vanilla caramel buttercream, toasted coconut, chocolate & caramel drizzle

Snickers :: chocolate snickers cake, caramel buttercream, peanuts & chocolate chips

Snowball :: chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, flaked coconut

Sully :: peanut butter m&m cake, peanut butter cookie dough, oat, & chocolate chip buttercream, mini m&ms

The King :: banana cake infused with peanut butter, honey buttercream, banana chip and bacon, peanut butter drizzle

Toffee :: caramel toffee cake, caramel buttercream, toffee bits, chocolate chips

Triple Chocolate :: chocolate white chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, white chocolate buttercream

Turtle Cheesecake :: turtle cake, caramel cheesecake buttercream, pecans, chocolate caramel drizzle

Vanilla Mint Chip :: vanilla cake, mint buttercream, chocolate chips

Vanilla Mocha :: vanilla cake, mocha buttercream, chocolate covered coffee bean

Vanilla Vanilla :: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream

Wedding Day :: almond cream cake, vanilla buttercream