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Scratch Curbside Event Details

Email is always our preferred method of communication so we can keep a paper trail of requests, event information, etc. What is the best email address to use?

Phone number for contact person:

If you have a Friday or Saturday event, what is the best CELL PHONE number to use?

What is the address of your event (NOT YOUR HOME ADDRESS)? 

Is there a landmark nearby or cross-street? Please give specific instructions for our drivers if those are available. Examples would be "park between the cones in front of our store" or "use the 3rd parking space from the building" etc.

What time have we confirmed your event for? If we haven't confirmed, do you have a preference? We generally book in 3-hour blocks (some exceptions for festivals, etc). Start time depends a bit on your location and distance from our Cedar Falls Scratch location. Our most-attended events generally fall over the lunch hour or end around 6pm to catch the after-work crowd.

Anything else you would like us to know about your event?

Thank you for submitting your event details! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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