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Scratch Curbside Booking Form
Does the above phone number accept text messages?

Before going any further, please know you are requesting to be contacted in case a date opens in need of a BACKUP EVENT! These dates happen if a scheduled event cancels, a change is made affecting an event date, or date randomly opens up! 

What is the address of your event (NOT YOUR HOME ADDRESS)? 

Is this a business? If yes, please tell us the business name:

Is this event public or private?
What type of event is this?
Is there a ticket or entrance fee for customers to attend?

We create a Facebook Event for each Curbside stop during the season. Does your event or location have a Facebook page? If yes, please provide the entire URL (not just the page name). This will avoid us tagging the wrong event or page!

Please tell us anything else you'd like to share about your event or idea (Facebook or website are a bonus).

Thank you for submitting your Scratch Curbside BACKUP EVENT request!

Submit this form to request to be considered as a BACKUP LOCATION for Scratch Curbside to come to your town or event!

Due to Covid-19, we are finding some events needing to cancel because their event cancels, employee status changes, or their situation no longer allows for food trucks. We're looking for a few towns or locations that would be able to host an event should this cancelation happen! Sometimes we get a few days notice, sometimes a few weeks!

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